Studio Memberships

Not one, but two ways to up your Yoga game, and commit more-deeply to your Yoga practice.

Why become a member?

There is no obligation to buy a studio membership, you are very welcome to book classes ad hoc and drop in whenever you like.

However, if you’re anything like me then you might find it a lot easier to get yourself to class if you’ve committed for a month in advance. I know that once I’ve made the decision and paid then I am so much more likely to stick to my best intentions! I am providing memberships to help you find consistency in your practice, and an easier booking and paying process, so that you can reserve your spot with just a few clicks.

What Options Are There?

There are currently two Studio Membership options: regular membership is a £50/month subscription, which gives you unlimited access to regular scheduled weekly classes. There are a few T&C’s so please read through the details when you sign up to make sure you are happy.

And then there is PLUS Community Membership, which costs £97/month. This option is about giving yourself and The Universe a huge sign that yoga is important to you, and that you are ready to really commit to your practice, wherever you currently find challenges. PLUS Community gives you all the benefits of regular membership, plus multiple chances to level-up your practice- you will also get

*a monthly one to one with me, scheduled at a time to suit you. One to ones are a great way to look at your practice and see what’s really going on in your body when you go through poses. We have time to question, to experiment, and sometimes just to chat about wherever you’re at. One to ones are all about making space to reflect.

*a monthly workshop, exclusively for PLUS Community members. These workshops will be tailored to your needs. So often similar issues crop up at similar times for Yogis, and these sessions will provide the perfect setting to take a good look at these. You can request a specific focus, or I can choose the content based on what I know about everyone’s practice.

*10% discount on all other workshops.

*Sunday Sessions (Yin/Yang flow, hot drinks and a light breakfast, and a chat) at the greatly reduced price of £5.

*if you can’t make it to the studio either because you are away from home or because you are ill/self isolating, I will send you links to my recorded video practices to take with you and keep you on the mat (if you are unwell I will send you restorative practices).

The T&C’s from regular membership still apply, so please familiarise yourself with them and make sure you’re happy.

Membership FAQ’s

Is the PLUS Community for me? I’m worried my Yoga practice isn’t advanced enough.

The PLUS Community is for anyone who wants to feel really connected to their practice and to others in the community, and it really doesn’t matter what your experience level is. With monthly one to ones and a tailored workshop you are sure to make advances in your physical practice and develop your understanding of the greater concepts of Yoga. I teach in a flexible, inclusive way, and I welcome you wherever you find your challenges. The PLUS Community isn’t about having a strong practice, it is about having a strong desire to connect in to yourself and other Yogis.

I’m worried that if I buy a membership there might not be classes available to book in to:

I do understand that with limited class sizes there might be some concern about getting a space on the mat at the classes that suit you. I’m only going to sell a limited number of memberships (10 regular Memberships, and five PLUS Community), whilst at the same time increasing the number of classes on the schedule. I will be monitoring the situation and I welcome your feedback around this issue, and if you do find yourself short of available classes I am quite prepared to add things to the timetable especially for members so that you don’t go short.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, there is no minimum commitment.

Can I change my membership option?

Yes, although you will need to cancel the first subscription and then sign up to the new one.

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